26 December 2006

Are Arabs Funny?

I am excited for this! Check for it January 15th, 2007
Middle Eastern-American comedians making Comedy Central's "The Watch List"
Can an Arab be funny? Can a Muslim tell a joke? Can an Iranian make you laugh?

Find out on "The Watch List," the groundbreaking new comedy show that will be available January 8, 2007 on Comedy Central's Internet channel Motherload. This edgy comedy show features the country's top Middle Eastern-American comedians performing stand up and sketch comedy.

This is the only place where you can find out if "Arabs are the new blacks," see a real virgin Palestinian-American Muslim comedian, get a taste of what its like to "fly while Muslim," and find out if the President of Iran is high.

The Watch List is the first show ever produced by a major American entertainment company starring all comedians of Middle Eastern-American heritage including Maz Jobrani, Ahmed Ahmed, Maysoon Zayid, Dean Obeidallah, Aron Kader, Nasry Malak, Joe Derosa, Maria Shehata, Ronnie Khalil, Helen Maalik, and more.

The show was created by Arab-American comedian Dean Obeidallah and Emmy award winning comedy writer and best selling author Max Brooks.

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Anonymous said...

The date for the release has been moved to January 15, 2007 - for more details please visit: www.myspace.com/thewatchlist.