10 January 2007

From Across the Gulf of Aqaba

I posted the following in my travel-blog last summer. Before spending a month in Amman, I had spent a month in Italy:
Sunday, August 20, 2006

hey everyone! i am here in aqaba, at an internet cafe next to the cinabon where my cousin and i just ate. we took a bus from amman with two of my aunts and four other cousins, and last night we stayed in a one bedroom, four bed apartment. the usual lack of privacy that one experiences around arabs was amplified times ten. we went to the beach last night after the sun set, and we went again this morning. it was so beautiful. we also did a lot of walking around shopping. there is a new store in aqaba called "china town" which is actually a collection of different stores, all with everything made in china, and all run by chinese immigrants who speak a teeny bit of arabic and a teeny bit of english. i bought a bootleg copy of sex and the city season 7 for 2.25 JD (i think this is about five american dollars, maybe a little less).

on the topic of immigrants, in amman, there are a lot of filipino immigrants working as nannies and maids. my cousin told me that, to hire a filipino woman as a live-in maid, it costs about $100 a month. another cousin told me that in lebanon, no lebanese work jobs like maid, nanny, janitor, etc. the people who work these jobs in lebanon are immigrants from sri lanka or philipenes. i am not sure if they are immigrants or temporary workers, i don't know how it works.

so i am coming home soon. i will miss my family, but i will also be kind of content to get away from them. i think that the next time i come to jordan i will stay in a hotel and rent a car so i can come and go as i please, and wear what i want and go where i want and eat what i want (not that i am ungrateful, i just need my independance). i have been gone from home a long time, and i am ready to return. see you soon!

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