08 January 2007

"A Martyr of Mythical Proportions"

Last week I watched the cellphone footage of Sadaam Hussein's hanging, and it was jarring to say the least. It was also much more eventful than the official sanitized version, giving us access to all the celebratory shouts and prayers from witnesses. While the genius behind the Black Folk Network is juxtoposing two images--a headshot of Saddam with a black protester holding a sign that reads "No Iraqis Left Me On A Roof To Die" during an anti-war demonstration--to create some imaginary narrative of Saddam rallying with black people against White American (made clear in his MySpace bulletins and comments), others are giving the matter serious, well informed consideration.

From Muslim WakeUp!, Tarek Fatah says:
The fact is that far from fostering democracy in Iraq, the execution of the Iraqi dictator has turned a murdering monster into a martyr of mythical proportions for the Arab people.
Saddam's stature will grow across the Arab world as each day passes and his crimes against his own people will be largely forgotten as new generations of Arab youth will see in him a rare Arab who stared death in the face and did not blink.
The man responsible for the death, torture and imprisonment of tens of thousands, should have been remembered for those crimes. Instead, because of the great American folly in Iraq, future generations of people in the Middle East will embrace his memory as an epitome of courage and resistance.

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