21 January 2007

Portland: Women & Trans D.I.Y. Eating Disorder Support Group

I just saw this today, so it is a little late, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Cut and pasted from a friendster (which I haven't looked at in years) bulletin:

Subject: Portland: Women & Trans D.I.Y. Eating Disorder Support Group
Message: This is a non-professional,
non-hierarchal discussion/support group
for people in
all stages of recovery. What we hope to
achieve with this group is to have a place
of support where we can be honest about
these issues without fear of judgement
and/or ridicule. Strictly confidential,
anonymity is respected. Open to everyone
who feels like this speaks to them,
regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
Open to all body types.

This is a radical group, meaning totally
do-it-yourself and unprofessional, but this
is not an activist group. Our first
session will be Sunday, January 21,
2007. If
you would like to RSVP or need more
information, please e-mail

please re-post and tell your friends.

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